Dear friends of Fantadia,

I can not hide from you that what I am about to tell you causes me a feeling of profound sadness and great pain. If I had to write these lines with a pen, the handwriting would be trembling and heavy at the same time.

After many years Fantadia leaves the stage.
I have tried in every way to nurture the hope in my heart of keeping the festival alive, but I did not succeed and I apologize.
You will wonder why: all this is very simple because there are no more resources. Because the difficulties in raising funds have always been enormous, but now I would have to say quite impossible now.

Of course every edition counted on the volunteering of many friends who offered their time, their availability and their professionalism at the festival even with enormous sacrifices, but this is no longer enough. It is not enough because every edition of Fantadia asks for more, because Fantadia is born with the intent to innovate and experiment and all this can be done only if there is adequate financial support.
In all these years, and I say this with great pride, Fantadia has dictated the guidelines for multivision.
Fantadia has celebrated the research over the years: it's nice to remember the projections on Asolo's structures,
dance and multivision, live concerts with visual scenography, theatrical projections, the first time ever in digital, replacing our beloved slide projectors, and much more.
All this came to light in Asolo, during that two-year week where all multivision enthusiasts would meet to discover the novelties of a fascinating world like the multivision expression.

But Fantadia over the years has celebrated friendship and hospitality.
Authors from all over the world have known the Festival and loved it, because the spirit has always been that of sharing and exchanging information, because living a week together meant breathing clean air, full of friendship, so much so by also celebrating the wedding of an Australian couple in Asolo by organizing their party.
Fantadia was all this, a great opportunity to meet.

In concluding my letter, I cannot but thank the Municipality of Asolo that has always supported the Festival, the whole city that has patiently endured our invasions, the business activities of Asolo, which they have always given with great love, to the artists present at the festivals and all of us welcome and hospitality. I have always believed that cultural events are a driving force for the economy of the place that hosts them, I hope that Asolo's Fantadia has helped to confirm my thoughts.

Dear friends, thank you very much for having believed in Fantadia and forgive me, if you can, my abandonment.

With love
Francesco Lopergolo