Conceived and organized by the cultural associations "Il Parallelo Multivisioni" and "Marco Polo Multivisioni", the festival was born in 1996 with the specific intention of spreading multivision, to introduce a wide public to this artistic expression.

The first Festival was held in the theatre "Giuseppe Maffioli" in Caerano San Marco (Treviso). It alternated programs in the categories of travel, nature, and current affairs realized by authors coming not only from throughout Italy, but also some from abroad.

A definite affirmation of the first festival's success comes with the second edition of Fantadia in 1997, where the purpose of the organizers was to show the great potential of this medium. Still based in the theatre "Maffioli" in Caerano San Marco, they screened programs from pure artistic expression of great poetry to commercial and educational multivisions to museum installations, and added spectacular architectural projections using the spaces and places offered by "Villa Benzi Zecchini".

In 1999 the organisers decided to transfer the festival to an even more prestigious site and chose Asolo. Exhibitions, installations, and performances took place all around the many venues that this wonderful small town offered.

Asolo spent a week living under the spell of multivision. In the "Duse" theatre, to full houses, it alternated mixed-media performances with pure multivision programming. The success of these events were extraordinary.

2001 was the year the festival gained wide recognition from the public, about 8,000 people during ten days of programming.
This fourth edition of Fantadia again undertook important installations throughout the town, and the "Duse" theatre was again host to spectacular shows and multivision screenings from internationally renowned authors from Italy and abroad. Dance with multivision, live music with multivision, all alternated on the "Duse" stage, arousing great emotions. The atmosphere in Asolo was wonderful, a very big party indeed.

In 2003 the organisation of Fantadia was entrusted to "Parallelo Multivisioni", the artistic direction to Francesco Lopergolo and the technical direction to Nick Ketteringham.
One objective was to make the festival truly International. That is the reason why authors from all over the world were invited. So American, Australian, British, French, German and Italian authors brought their shows. Never before had there been such a rich mix of artistic expressions and styles, giving diverse and attractive multivision sessions.
Fantadia became the most important international showcase for multivision in the world, the place where image and sound comes together magically.


Fantadia 2009 - Realised by Odetta Carpi