The Horizon is not so far Away

Musicians: Eddy De Fanti, Luisa Bassetto, Roberto Cecchetti
Ariel dance: Elisa Waldner – Edoardo Danieli  - Sinakt  Circo-Teatro-Danza
Danzce: Elena Friso
Multivision authors: Brandon Li - Janis Brod - Giorgio Pavan – Roberto Tibaldi - Franco Toso – Claudio Tuti- Abraham Joffe - Joshua Holko - Dom West
Sound Design: Gigi Campalto
Director: Francesco Lopergolo

Traveling with music? Traveling with pictures? And if we try to imagine experiencing a new feeling, joining these two very strong emotions? Usually multivision does it ... but Fantadia is also about experimentation and so we get to something 'out of the box'.
Let's imagine several live musicians with special instruments that will immediately allow us to imagine the places in multivision, without words only with atmospheres of sound. Sitar, tablas, percussion will suggest to us India, Africa, the Far East and more, our sound-driven imagination and the real vision to follow ... and there will be no surprises. All in one show we will enjoy without interruption, but immersed in the dream of far-off lands.

Nomads of Mongolia - Brandon Li

Life in western Mongolia is an adventure. Eagles trained for hunting, yak breeding and racing camels are just some of the daily activities of the nomadic people of Kazakhstan. I spent a few weeks living with them and experiencing one of the most unique cultures in the world.

Sale Nero - Franco Toso

The eastern region of Ethiopia, the Afar, is an area of surreal, almost lunar, and is among the hottest places in the world with an annual average of 34.4° C. It is located a few kilometers from the border with Eritrea, in an area of volcanoes, geysers and hot springs characterized by yellow-orange colors and gigantic salt deposits. In this inhospitable environment lives the Afar people, nomadic shepherds who, right from salt extraction, are a precious resource for their subsistence.

La Vie est Emotions- Roberto Tibaldi

At the Douz Sahara Festival in southern Tunisia, a mix of colors, sounds and feelings of ancient cultures blend with new technologies: Berber riders now armed with smartphones, off-road bikes and motorbikes racing with horses and dromedaries ...
Life is emotions!

Acque Fredde, Calde Terre - Giorgio Pavan & Rosamaria Salvi

In the far east of Siberia there is a peninsula where fire and ice live: the Kamchatka. It is a vast, wild, uncontaminated and scarcely populated environment. The high still active volcanoes, the lush vegetation of the taiga, the damp, tundra with salmon rich rivers are the fascinating realm of brown bears and reindeer. Listen to the warm breath of the earth, feel the frosty breath of the wind, admire the colors of this primordial nature. All this creates, in those who explore these places, sensations of astonished amazement.

Pictures of South East Asia - Janis Brod

We spent nearly three months traveling through the Indochinese Peninsula, discovering Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. This is a little look at what we've seen.

La Città dell'ultimo Viaggio - Claudio Tuti

Each day is reborn, it is celebrated by a thankful rite in Varanasi, whose vapors disperse at dawn. Every life that leaves is accompanied by a ritual that purifies and transforms the body, whose remains are entrusted to the current.

Ghosts of the Arctic - Abraham Joffe, Joshua Holko & Dom West

The Arctic Ghosts... our dream.  The goal was to venture out into the beautiful frozen expanse of Svalbard, in winter, to search and document polar bears.
During the shoot we experienced temperatures that were never warmer than -20ºC and frequently plummeted down as low as -30ºC + wind chill factor. With our snowmobiles we went about two hundred kilometers under difficult conditions. We had a lot of difficulties in using the equipment and the food ... just dried cod and pasta washed with hot coffee ... But in spite of the conditions, it was one of the most rewarding shoots we have all been involved in.

Director: Abraham Joffe
Cinematographer: Abraham Joffe e Dom West
Editor: Dom West
Colour: Dom West e Fred El Harris
Photographer: Joshua Holko
Guide: Freddo Lamo
Abraham Joffe @abrahamjoffe
Dom West @ dom_west_