"I sentieri si costruiscono in viaggio." (Franz Kafka)

Asolo is our home ... from here we will start again!

We return once more to the "City of the Hundred Horizons" as the poet Giosuè Carducci defined it, to celebrate Fantadia.

Asolo is that sacred place that taught us silence and poetry, where you get tired, with your worn out shoes due to the continuous wanderings and, at the same time, Asolo is the point where energy and dreams come to fruition.

Images, sensations, vibrations, feelings, will overlay the walls of our soul and tell us the hundreds and thousands of visions of the world: "Near horizons" to clear distances and keep hands "Traveling in the Light" to inhale pulsations, odors, colors, perfumes; "Inside" to explore mute, painful rooms, kept secret by impenetrable iron doors and "Crossroads" to exchange a smile in the crosses, where instead it continues to run without looking into the eyes and wondering why.

But all these exclusive tales for us were not enough, and "in the middle of the night, at times, it happens that a child, like the wind, awakens. Only, slowly, comes along the path, it enters the sleeping village", unveiling 'The enchantment of music and pictures in a square from the pale houses.

Meanwhile, at dusk, from the mysterious Castle, we hear sounds coming from the Theater, which will accompany other moments and will still feed thirsty feelings before they become arid.


We wonder why you travel? What metaphor lies behind this irrepressible desire to move? We believe that the answer is the need to find a reference point that helps us to get to know ourselves better. Maybe you also travel to learn to love or to be loved, to relieve a pain, or to vent your anger or because you have nothing to believe in. You travel to help others, to meet someone or to abandon someone else, to escape from ourselves, or to investigate the depths of our soul. You travel to look for a place where the fairy tales are still told and where blue skies are always scattered by rainbows.

Wherever you travel, always carry your heart because that is perhaps the thing you are looking for in life, nothing but this, the greatest possible suffering helps you to become yourself before the end.

Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy wrote "In the middle of the walk of our lives ..." he was about to tell the journey.
But not a physical journey, but the inner journey, a metaphor of our life, accomplished by a man, and brought for example to all men.
With his allegories, the poet tells us how the word "life" is often associated with the word "journey", so the Divine Comedy can be considered a path to salvation through the analysis of all human passions that move us away from it.
The great poet paints a portrait of humanity with its vices, its perversions and also with its aspects of generosity and love.

Therefore we would like this Asolo meeting to give us a thought, a smile before embarking on a new journey and building new paths of self improvement!

Francesco Lopergolo