Momenti di Luci - Giacomo Renier

When asked why I love natura photography, I answer that in nature I see something very similar to a poem that I like to translate with images, a universal language, capturing the instant, the moment.
Supported by a musical caress, I tried to write a poem on light, protagonist of the miracle of the moment.

Il Colore Arancio - Il Parallelo Multivisioni

When the Orient tints with orange ...

Libera - Donatella Tormene and Massimo Santinello

This audiovisual tells five years of life, during which I have been forced to supplant my security. Suddenly fears, sorrows and hopes forced me to embark on new paths and new rhythms, almost maniacally marked by the "1 tablet per day" blister pack. The body and the self, victims of violations and reconstructions, required new attention along a path, a track that sometimes implicated and forced to rest a bit longer than desired.
It is a collection of images and thoughts that only at the end of the 5 years I decided to share and that I hope to be a testimony also useful to other women, because it is "facing the storm you learn to fly."

Corrispondenze - Cristina Noacco e Claudio Tuti

A strong bond as life, mild as existence, combines zen philosophy, raku ceramics and short haiku verses. These Japanese traditions share love for essentiality, meditation, and observation of nature. The raku route is an invitation to celebrate the beauty and evanescence of things and to explore its mystery.

Cuba ¡Está Volao! Oliver Astrologo

Brilliant colors and human warmth will embrace you as soon as you enter Cuba. It's amazing. You seem to live in a world where daily life is blocked in the 1950s and has not been hit by globalization and mass tourism. This video is what we believe in the essence of Cuba, an essence that we hope will never be changed and conforms to an increasingly Western world.

Prospettive Urbane - Claudio Tuti

The biennial of architecture is the inspiration for reflection on the contemporary world that coexists with artistic opening and individualistic closure, urban planning and destruction of wars.
What is our attitude towards the walls of silence and indifference rising ever higher in our avant-garde cities?

Perchè è più facile morirei! - Roberto Tibaldi

How do you reward a mountain photographer when his wife takes him for a weekend at the sea in Liguria ...

Trade Transatlantic Slave - Bruce e Dixie Hornstein (USA)

A short program for the Smithsonian Institution - the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the Atlantic Struggle of African Slaves.

Nevera - Nicola Lambini, Francesco Lopergolo

An island with flavors of the Orient where the wind changes your life and your habits. A magical word, Nevera, who knows suddenly cold and celebrates that short-circuit between sea and mountain that refreshes the air without warning. I believe that Venice has exported throughout the eastern Mediterranean; Pronounced in the small Croatian marinas, on the coasts of Epirus, Mykonos and even among Palestinian fishermen in Haifa, Israel. The island is a sensor of the universe and as soon as you relax it everything changes, the weather changes at an awesome speed and with it the light, smells, and temperature. The island takes you to the discovery of your solitude, your inner being, the wonder of the world, becoming the adventure of the soul.