The Horizon is not so far Away

Musicians: Eddy De Fanti, Luisa Bassetto, Roberto Cecchetti
Ariel dance: Elisa Waldner – Edoardo Danieli  - Sinakt  Circo-Teatro-Danza
Danzce: Elena Friso
Multivision authors: Brandon Li - Janis Brod - Giorgio Pavan – Roberto Tibaldi - Franco Toso – Claudio Tuti- Abraham Joffe - Joshua Holko - Dom West
Sound Design: Gigi Campalto
Director: Francesco Lopergolo

Traveling with music? Traveling with pictures? And if we try to imagine experiencing a new feeling, joining these two very strong emotions? Usually multivision does it ... but Fantadia is also about experimentation and so we get to something 'out of the box'.
Let's imagine several live musicians with special instruments that will immediately allow us to imagine the places in multivision, without words only with atmospheres of sound. Sitar, tablas, percussion will suggest to us India, Africa, the Far East and more, our sound-driven imagination and the real vision to follow ... and there will be no surprises. All in one show we will enjoy without interruption, but immersed in the dream of far-off lands.