Ghosts of the Arctic - Abraham Joffe, Joshua Holko & Dom West

The Arctic Ghosts... our dream.  The goal was to venture out into the beautiful frozen expanse of Svalbard, in winter, to search and document polar bears.
During the shoot we experienced temperatures that were never warmer than -20ºC and frequently plummeted down as low as -30ºC + wind chill factor. With our snowmobiles we went about two hundred kilometers under difficult conditions. We had a lot of difficulties in using the equipment and the food ... just dried cod and pasta washed with hot coffee ... But in spite of the conditions, it was one of the most rewarding shoots we have all been involved in.

Director: Abraham Joffe
Cinematographer: Abraham Joffe e Dom West
Editor: Dom West
Colour: Dom West e Fred El Harris
Photographer: Joshua Holko
Guide: Freddo Lamo
Abraham Joffe @abrahamjoffe
Dom West @ dom_west_